Watch This Immersive Cockpit Experience

Watch This Immersive Cockpit Experience

Litouwen, 15 maart 2017, Nederlandse F16's bewaken het luchtruim van Litouwen. Piloten controleren de kist en maken zich klaar voor een vlucht.

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As physical pilot training gets more expensive, the combination of a physical, fully-functioning F-16 cockpit replica, with a wide field of view provided by an advanced headset promises an immersive cockpit experience.

VRgineers delivered European Air Services (EAS) a mixed reality simulator, which is combined from the latest version of F-16 BLOCK 70 physical cockpit and the XTAL headset. 

The XTAL headset is a virtual and mixed reality headset with the highest fidelity, 8K resolution, and 180° field of view available. The image quality and superior immersion increase situational awareness and eliminate negative training. The whole simulator is built on a raised platform that provides a sense of g-force.