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New intrusion detection technology offers a higher level of protection and false alarm immunity than traditional shock sensors, which often lack the ability to discriminate between ambient vibration and real attacks. It is suitable for monitoring large building structures such as storage warehouses, retail sites, and transportation and logistics building facades.

The WallAlert Intrusion Detection System from RBtec Perimeter Security Systems detects vibrations caused by attempts to disturb solid structures including fixed warehouses, bank vaults, safes, and perimeter walls. 

The system can be installed in new or existing security systems. The sensor cable is an ideal system for all types of walls and drywall to detecting mechanical vibration transmitted along the wall as an intruder attempts to break through the wall. It is designed to detect impacts on walls, by analyzing vibrations created during an intrusion attempt. 

The wall-mounted intrusion detection system is a passive electronic vibration detector system based on sensing types of frequencies associated with intrusion attempts while filtering ones related to non-conditions. It analyses typical noise patterns made by a forced entry attempt. The system can recognize motion caused by an attempt to pass through the fence and disregard signals caused by weather conditions, preventing nuisance alarms, as reported by