“Appropriate 5G Technology Deployment in Israel – Within 2 Years”

“Appropriate 5G Technology Deployment in Israel – Within 2 Years”

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“Since we have already passed from goat paths to the information superhighway … 

5G technology takes us one step further and actually becomes the enabler of autonomous capabilities and automation, in general,” said Brig. Gen. (res.) Sharon Nir, at a panel discussion on next generations of urban wireless communications at the INNOTECH int’l conference and exhibition on cyber, HLS and innovation.

“Cellular has become a basic vital product for information consumption. The fifth generation of cellular – 5G – is elegantly taking us into the Massive IoT era. 5G technologies are not only intended for civilian use but also support technologies such as IoT, autonomous transportation, high-speed video, gaming, augmented reality, etc.”

The stability and absolute reliability of the 5G cellular networks is extremely important,” Nir stressed, “especially in view of the reliance of critical end units on them.”

Alon Berman, CEO, Ericsson Israel promised: “Within two years, we will experience in Israel 5G technology in an appropriate, albeit not full, way!” Moreover, already speaking about sixth-generation communication technologies, Berman said horizontal infrastructures will be embedded in all industries. 

Nati Cohen, Chairman of CyberIL: “The challenge of 6G technology is how to use the data in a smart way in every field.”