Resupply Challenge in Naval Operations

Photo illust. drone delivery by Pixabay

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Resupply is a major challenge in military operations. The UK Royal Navy is developing new approaches to acquire autonomous solutions to support operational activities – such as how to get supplies to the frontline of operations.

The Heavy Lift Challenge held recently called on drone manufacturers to showcase unmanned technology which could be adapted to carry supplies and cargo to ships and personnel.

The competition was a chance for the navy to test how it can quicken the procurement process and get off-the-shelf, readily-available tech into the hands of sailors and marines sooner.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines have already put a range of drones through their paces, demonstrating ability to lift and deliver payloads in excess of 100kgs, including a drone system used to deliver post in trials by the Royal Mail.

The next stage is to see what equipment exists which could carry a heavier load of up to 300kg, according to