Air Defense – New Simulation Facility

Air Defense – New Simulation Facility


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Military training simulation fosters the combat skills of small units or single soldiers by simulating actual vehicles, soldiers, and combat environments. With a VR headset and controllers, trainees are completely immersed in virtual environments.

The US Army has recently opened a virtual reality simulator for air defense soldier training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The Integrated Moving Target Simulator — known as the Stinger Training Dome — provides a “360-degree virtual reality battlefield environment,” including ground vehicles and visual aircraft recognition for air-defense systems trainees. The virtual training facility also provides more affordable training than live-fire sessions, which include time restrictions and expenditure on live munitions.

The facility’s improved graphics provide better visual recognition for enemy flight threats as well as to protect friendly assets. The facility allows the instructors to “adjust” the battle background from desert to forest to an urban environment, providing an unprecedented experience for trainees. Moreover, the higher fidelity aircraft models provide realistic training sessions in a 360-degree display area, according to