Innovative Solution for Critical Installation Security

critical infrastructure

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Russia will use the Marker robotic platform to develop advanced robots for the protection of vital state facilities. An experiment was recently launched at the Vostochny spaceport to integrate the Marker robot into the spaceport’s security system. The experiment involved the wheeled Marker robotic platform supplied with a multi-purpose optoelectronic module. 

The robotic vehicle controlled the state of the spaceport’s electric power lines and utilities monitoring the integrity of the compound’s perimeter.

“The results achieved during the experiment lay the basis for creating advanced robotic vehicles capable of providing security for vital state facilities,” project Head at the National Technology and Robotics Development Center of Advanced Research Fund Arkady Petrosov told

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The Marker experimental robotic platform boasts local capabilities for autonomous motion in an unknown environment and AI-based object identification. 

The experimental robotic platform Marker was developed within the framework of the project of the Foundation for Advanced Research, which started in 2018. The goal of the project is to create and conduct a full-scale development of technologies and basic elements of ground-based robotics.

With the use of the platform, technologies for automatic routing and autonomous traffic control are being developed in urban areas and on rough terrain. When the platform moves, its functional systems automatically make adjustments to the route, taking into account the stationary and mobile obstacles detected by the sensors, according to