Alternative Technology for GPS-Denied Navigation

Alternative Technology for GPS-Denied Navigation

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As GPS jamming and spoofing continue to rise, interest in complementary sources of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) data has likewise increased. Recent US government directives recommend a layered, multi-source approach, with much of the attention focused on non-GNSS radio frequency signals. These RF signals, coined alternative RF navigation, offer unique PNT capability in GPS-degraded or denied environments. The signals are secure and resilient and can act as an effective complement to GPS signals.

Spirent Federal announced the launch of an alternative RF navigation simulator. Their product can simulate resilient alternative RF navigation signals on its own or concurrently with GNSS signals. Testing can be static or dynamic, with stationary, pedestrian and ground vehicle trajectories available.

The technology enables developers to test early and often, from the first stages of R&D to integration and field testing, according to

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