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British Royal Marines have tested American-made Polaris MRZR-D4, new lightweight all-terrain 4×4 vehicles.

The vehicle is an ultralight 4×4 off-roader that can carry up to four commandos and reach speeds of 96 km/h for rapid movement across the battlefield. It is ideally equipped for raiding missions that Royal Marines are now focusing on as part of their modernization and restructuring, which will ensure they are ready to counter the threats of a modern era.

The MRZR lacks the armor and carrying ability of the tracked Viking all-terrain vehicles – the main troop and mortar carriers of the British Royal Marines’ Armoured Support Group – but their purpose is to get to enemy positions quicker, and get out faster too.

The platform can be used to carry supplies and equipment – like ammunition, water and fuel – for commando missions, but can also be fitted with machine guns and grenade launchers for added firepower. It can be used for quick attacks and withdrawals, but also for logistical resupply and casualty evacuation.

It can fit in Chinook helicopters, meaning marines can be dropped quickly to their location with the MRZR.

This vehicle is being assessed for its usefulness as commandos begin to operate in small teams of up to 12, moving quickly across the battlefield to hit enemy infrastructure – like radar or missile installations. 

British Royal Marines have recently experimented with swarms of drones to support these missions, according to