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A new air defense system has demonstrated its capabilities, achieving a major milestone. MBDA successfully fired the CAMM-ER air defense missile. The company said it had successfully completed a firing of the CAMM-ER air defense missile against a manoeuvring target, confirming the excellent capability of the CAMM family system. CAMM-ER is the extended range member of the new-generation CAMM air defense family of systems.

All members of the CAMM family share the same cutting-edge active radar seeker and soft-launch system, with CAMM-ER featuring a larger rocket motor designed by AVIO to provide extended range out beyond 40 km.

CAMM-ER was designed to replace the Aspide munition in the Medium Advanced Air defense System (MAADS) of the Italian Air Force and the GRIFO air defense system of the Italian Army. CAMM-ER is the missile that will be used in the Albatros NG system, which provides an optimized naval based air defense (NBAD) solution to enhance the defense capabilities of naval fleets, according to the company’s announcement.

The trial took place at an Italian firing range.