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A new vehicle will give the US Marine Corps the amphibious mobility they need for the future fight. Textron Systems Corporation has unveiled the Cottonmouth, a vehicle purpose-built for the U.S. Marine Corps’ Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) program. Cottonmouth is a next-generation Naval Sensor Node as an amphibious scout vehicle that offers cutting-edge sensor technology. It delivers advanced maneuverability and a synergized sensor system to enhance reconnaissance operations.

The vehicle has a 6×6 compact build that allows four vehicles to fit on a single Ship to Shore Connector, or SSC, enhancing the Marine Corps’ ability to support Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations. The vehicle is equipped with multi-spectrum sensors, providing seamless communication between the Navy and Marine Corps to employ unmanned systems and joint-warfighting weapons systems. This provides the next-generation decision dominance needed to defeat threats beyond line of sight. 

Among the integrated sensors is teammate Elbit Systems of America’s IronVision, which uses “see-through” technology to provide the vehicle with advanced visibility and 360-degree situational awareness.