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Leaving COVID-19 behind, we in iHLS are already working in full force to offer you a year full of fascinating first-class events focusing on everything related to innovation and security.

What’s on the program?

  • 2 cycles of the unique iHLS Security Accelerator – the 8th cycle opens on April 18. Startups – don’t miss applications, available until March 31.
  • 2 new cycles of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center in collaboration with MAF’AT and Israel Ministry of Defense.

We are returning to the usual format of conferences and exhibitions:

  • AUS&R 2021 Conference and exhibition on unmanned systems and robotics will be held in September.
  • iHLS INNOTECH Tel Aviv 2021 – the international Conference and Exhibition on Innovation, HLS, and Cyber, hosting visitors from abroad, will be held on November 17-18.

In addition:

  • A handful of intriguing seminars
  • iHLS B2B activities as part of the security ecosystem
  • interesting articles, interviews, and news exposures at our professional website and social media
  • Newsletter with worldwide distribution

Keep following our publications and register for the programs and events.

iHLS is recruiting now! Join us for various organization and marketing roles. Contact us: [email protected]