Elovating Cyber Security In UAVs

drone. image by pixabay

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Unmanned aerial vehicles face a wide range of threat vectors in cyber space while they are in flight, including the potential for an adversary to take physical control of the platform through Wi-Fi or disabling it using malware. A new artificial intelligence powered cyber security solution for unmanned aerial vehicles aims to protect platforms against attacks during flight. 

The technology is expected to have potential military applications in expeditionary missions. The new DeepArmor technology is an AI-based cyber security software tool developed by SparkCognition and Skygrid, a joint venture between SparkCognition and Boeing. This combination allows DeepArmor to be deployed directly onto UAVs, as well as in ground stations and other infrastructure.

The cyber security solution has significant implications in terms of size, weight and power (SWAP) demands because it is operating directly onboard the system. While this would be particularly useful for smaller UAVs, it also could complement existing cyber security solutions on larger platforms, according to janes.com.

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