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An autonomous surveillance UAV solution has been protecting a sensitive nuclear site. The Skeyetech drone, developed by French company Azur Drones, has been surveying the recycled nuclear fuel site Orano in The Hague. The drone is mostly used in the port, energy, defense, and oil-and-gas sectors. 

The operations will be coordinated with on-ground security teams to maintain 24-7 surveillance over the highly sensitive site, extending over more than 32.2 million square feet, protecting over 500 workers.

Using high-definition optical and thermal sensors, the autonomous drone flies daily surveillance and inspection missions and are directly controlled by security teams without the necessity of remote pilot training. 

Its operation can save time, specifically for the surveillance of more remote or less accessible areas. Compared to perimeter ground patrols, drone missions are faster and can speed up human reaction time in a security breach incident. The drone operation will allow the optimization of the use of the teams by assigning them to high added-value tasks.

The drone’s design is based on several aerospace standards, including motor redundancy, vital equipment redundancy, pyrotechnical parachute and a geo-caging system that does not allow drones to fly beyond a set boundary. The system has logged more than 10,000 autonomous flights, according to