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Security and military teams who inspect explosive charges or suspected devices need accurate solutions in the field that enables real-time identification of these devices. The leading Israeli company Vidisco provides ground-breaking portable X-ray solutions to defense and industry customers all over the world.

Vidisco is a large and robust Israeli company that has been leading the global market for three decades, with a portfolio of a wide range of products based on expertise and years of experience.

In the industrial field, the company supplies innovative systems for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications which are designed to test the structural integrity of various vital infrastructure components. Vidisco systems have the ability to identify: weld quality and casting inspections, erosion and corrosion, fabrication processes, aerospace applications, and more. 

In the security field, Vidisco supplies a wide range of portable digital X-ray for military forces, police, security services, prisons, customs services, etc., enabling the inspection of suspected explosive charges, unexploded ordnance, eavesdropping systems, explosives, money, weapons, hidden IEDs concealed in vehicles, contraband, etc.

NDT tests are also applied in security missions, for example, the inspection of fuze functioning in various weapon systems, torpedos, etc.

The system’s components:

  • An X-ray source
  • A detector flat panel which converts the radiation into electrical signals
  • A computer with software that converts the results into an image. The software enables inserting changes into the image, changing its clarity, detection in a quick and friendly-to-use way.
  • Custom-made end-accessories – the provision of systemic solutions, e.g. secured communications, organic/inorganic material differentiation, etc.

As security X-ray inspections are commonly conducted under stressful and dangerous situations, the speed at which images can be captured is crucial. To address this challenge, Vidisco’s X-Ray systems can be deployed quickly, capturing a high-resolution digital image with only one pulse.

Vidisco has pioneered the market with its military-grade, ruggedized, waterproof X-ray systems, stored in a ruggedized suitcase or in a backpack.

Vidisco’s portable X-ray solutions provide high value for varied security applications, including for law enforcement agencies, special forces, customs and border security, prison services, counter-terrorism, and first responders. They have been selected by numerous organizations all over the world, including the US Air Force, Marines, Navy, and SOCOM.

After opening a subsidiary in the US last year, the company won a five-year US Air Force contract. Prior to this, the company won a Marine contract where its systems are already operational.

Alon Guttel, Vidisco’s CEO reveals that “some 50% of systems from this type in the US are, in fact, manufactured by Vidisco.” 

Additional customers include military and police forces in Israel, France, the UK, Italy, East Asia, etc.

What is unique in this system?

  • Custom-made according to customer’s needs
  • In-house development, manufacturing, and maintenance, with the innovative Development Department providing added value to the customer
  • User-friendly – when time is critical
  • Excellent in its flexibility and maintenance simplicity, warranty, and service

According to CEO Alon Guttel, Vidisco is a brand in its market niche, continuously developing and innovating. “We are constantly advancing our products – from image quality and resolution improvement, to the integration of accessories enabling a 3D vision of the suspected object. The company has been also supporting the systems for years, including legacy systems, providing its customers with reliability many years after the purchase.”

Guttel emphasizes that in both the industrial and security markets, Vidisco continues to be committed to its three core principles of action: Smart and reliable solutions, simple and user-friendly solutions, in order to make the world a safer place by saving lives.