New Technology to Provide Better Performance in Motion Surveillance

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Motion surveillance missions require advanced imaging devices. A new thermal camera core that offers nearly eight times the field of view of traditional camera cores has been unveiled recently. BAE Systems introduced its Athena 1920 high-definition thermal camera core for long-range and demanding applications in security, surveillance, and targeting systems.

The Athena 1920 combines infrared image clarity with a wide field of view, and is compact, lightweight, and low-power.

Additional applications for this thermal camera core include aerial reconnaissance, perimeter security, and asset monitoring. “We put more pixels on the target, giving end-users the situational awareness they need to make critical decisions,” says Robyn Decker, director of Lexington Business Center and Sensor Solutions at BAE Systems.

With a 60Hz frame rate, the Athena1920 core provides phenomenal detail in dynamic scenes leaving motion blur behind.

The high-definition sensor offers nearly eight times the field of view of traditional camera cores, and with its 51-by-40-by-21-millimeter size 70-gram weight are suited for high-performance applications where size, weight, power, and cost are important factors, according to