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Allowing devices to connect to the internet opens them up to a number of serious vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected. Internet of Things (IoT) security safeguards connected devices and networks. Currently, AT&T and Microsoft are developing a device that aims to improve IoT deployments and secure them. Their “end-to-end solution” helps machines connect to the cloud without the help of the public internet. The new platform is a convergence of secure cloud computing and network technology. 

The two companies claim that their new guardian device designed for a broad array of industries will allow businesses to “retrofit” their equipment into smart devices. Imagine that restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc. will be able to turn existing equipment into “smart” devices that are digitally enabled through highly secure cellular connections. Customers can connect their devices and machines to their own cloud environment without the need to connect to a Wi-Fi through a third party network connection that may not meet their high-security standards.

In addition to connecting to the cloud, the device helps businesses connect their equipment to the Azure IoT Central application platform. The solution utilizes AT&T’s cellular network and the Microsoft Azure Sphere IoT security solution.  Azure Sphere provides security on the hardware, operating system and cloud levels, while AT&T’s network offers “multilayered security,” according to

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