iHLS Security Accelerator Graduate Wins Smart City Project in Mexico

iHLS Security Accelerator Graduate Wins Smart City Project in Mexico

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A developer of innovative behavioral recognition systems for real-time video intelligence will improve city safety and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The Israeli company viisights was chosen by the city of León, Mexico, to improve urban safety.

The company’s advanced behavioral analytics technology, powered by neural networks, can differentiate between human behaviors like hugging and fighting, and even determine if face coverings are being worn with astounding accuracy.

wise provide automatic real time understanding of video content captured by widespread surveillance cameras located throughout traffic control centers, roads, public areas, buildings, shopping centers, commercial and industrial zones. The system processes and understands large amounts of video streams in real-time or offline (investigative mode), while providing insights and alerts for a variety of actions, events and scenes of interest.

Viisights is a graduate of the iHLS Security Accelerator which advances startups in the security and HLS fields. The Accelerator which will open its 8th batch in October 2020 specializes in security technology with an emphasis on dual-use technology, offering startups recognition, international exposure, access to the leading defense industries and the empowerment of the ability to raise funds.

Applied to existing video feeds in one of the most populous cities in the country by national integrator MER Group Mexico, whose SMART M platform will be installed in the police C4 and integrated with viisights systems, Wise will be leveraged to identify suspicious behavior, violent activity, weapon detection, crowd behaviors, perimeter protection, traffic monitoring, and environmental changes such as smoke or fire.