Top Five Technology Trends You Must Look Out For

Top Five Technology Trends You Must Look Out For

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In the next decade, technological innovation will have more and more impact on our lives in many fields. Technological innovation opens up new opportunities, particularly those developments with transformational or high impact. A report by research firm Gartner highlights the top five emerging trends to watch out for in the upcoming decade:

Digital representations of ourselves – Digital twins of humans provide models of individuals that can represent people in both the physical and digital space. The way people interact with the digital world is also moving beyond screens and keyboards to use a combination of interaction modalities (e.g. voice, vision, gesture). The technologies to watch include social distancing technologies, health passports, digital twin of the person, citizen twin, multiexperience and 2-Way BMI (brain machine interface).

Composite architectures – The composable enterprise is designed to respond to rapidly changing business needs with packaged business capabilities built upon a flexible data fabric. Built-in intelligence is decentralized and extends outward to edge devices and the end-user. Technologies to track include data fabric, private 5G, embedded artificial intelligence and low-cost single-board computers at the edge.

Formative AI – This is a set of emerging AI and related technologies that can dynamically change to respond to situational variances. AI enabled tools to watch include AI assisted design, AI augmented development, composite AI, adaptive ML, self-supervised learning, among others.

Algorithmic trust – Digital trust is the confidence users have in the ability of people, technology and processes to create a secure digital world. Trust models based on responsible authorities are being replaced by algorithmic trust models to ensure privacy and security of data, source of assets and identity of individuals and things. Emerging technologies include secure access service edge (SASE), differential privacy, authenticated provenance, etc.

Beyond silicon – As technology approaches the physical limits of silicon, new advanced materials are creating breakthrough opportunities to make technologies faster and smaller. Critical technologies to be considered include DNA computing, biodegradable sensors and carbon-based transistors, according to 

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