This Military Exoskeleton Comes Straight From Science Fiction 

This Military Exoskeleton Comes Straight From Science Fiction 

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Logistics applications will be the major task of new wearable technology. The Marine Corps is moving ahead with plans to test a wearable robotic exoskeleton that allows one person to do the work of four to 10 people, depending on the task. The Guardian XO Alpha full-body robotic exoskeleton is a wearable suit that can do hours of physical labor that would otherwise be impossible for a Marine to do alone, lifting and moving up to 200 pounds of gear repeatedly for eight hours straight. 

“Instead of a team of four Marines, maybe you only need a Marine with this capability to offload pallets or move or load munitions,” said Jim Miller, Sarcos Robotics’ vice president of defense solutions, adding that the company was inspired by science fiction when looking for ways to help troops carry out their duties.

“As the US Marine Corps focuses on logistics and sustainment modernization as one of their key priorities and looks to reduce the manpower required to conduct expeditionary operations, the Guardian XO is well-suited to fulfill a wide variety of logistics applications to address their needs and requirements,” the announcement from the company states.

The Guardian XO Alpha will allow smaller teams of Marines dispatched to far-flung places to do more with less. “The ultimate goal is to provide troops with an edge by boosting their capabilities and dramatically improving safety and productivity in a variety of logistics applications.” The suit can also help the military cut down on injuries tied to heavy lifting.

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