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The UK MoD has acquired a nano-drone technology designed and built in the UK, a step marking a change in the ability for local industry to produce world-class unmanned systems.

UAVTEK has won the MoD Nano drone program. 

Its Bug Nano drone is a tactical UAV fit for the field, in various weather conditions –  rain, snow and wind. Its flight time is suitable for the potential range capability.

This 191 g UAV provides the operator with an eye in the sky able to send full-motion 1080p video back from 2 km away.  This combined with the ability to withstand gusts of over 40 knots and flight times up to 40 minutes provide a capability never seen before in this class, according to

The drone can be flown fully autonomously on pre-programmed missions.

Batteries are interchangeable and charge via their USB C cradle.

The same core system created for the Bug is the first in a range of airframes providing a full suite of capabilities including the Proteus – folding 1kg drone, Scout – compact VTOL fixed wing weighing 4kg providing front line troops with ISTAR capability for upto 3 hours, and the Sentinel – fixed wing with high endurance capability. 

All these systems have a common control interface providing a UAV suite in multiple format airframes, according to