Invisible Drone to Monitor Suspects

invisible drone

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A drone that can disappear into thin air thanks to cutting-edge technology has been developed and is already operational, sporting its dispersion shields that allow it to blend into its surroundings. Even though some people remain sceptical about the demand for invisible aircraft, the Prometheus drone has many practical applications and could be useful to law enforcement agencies. The invisible drone could be tasked with monitoring and registering illicit activities without being detected.

The drone, developed by Spartaqs, a Polish firm, is 3D-printed out of a synthetic semi-transparent material. The drone possesses light-dispersing qualities, which enable it to assume the color of incident rays. This gives it a chameleon-like camouflage system that allows it to remain almost invisible from all angles.

The innovative solution was made possible thanks to a light sensor, which analyses the incident rays. The built-in RGB diodes then emit light of the same hue thus masking the drone. Given that drones are difficult to spot in general, this pretty much guarantees that the device will remain “under the radar” even at low altitudes.

“The drone disappearing is a truly confusing sight,” said Spartaqs CEO and general constructor Sławomir Huczała. “As it ascends, it gradually blends in with the surroundings, it literally becomes one with the atmosphere.” He said the idea of using dispersion shields came to him when working with the Polish Border Guard. He realized that some operations, such as monitoring suspects, couldn’t be carried out with a drone visible in the sky, according to