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A new aerostat system for electronic testing was unveiled, The aerostat is a platform for electronic testing as it has extended endurance, to days if necessary. It is also electronically silent, with no control links, electronic noise from engines, etc. to minimize interference.

The Lightweight Aerostat System (LAS) developed by Carolina Unmanned Vehicles will support the testing of various electronic payloads, including EO/IR Surveillance, Networked Communications Relays and Signal Intelligence collection.

According to, the company has upgraded their capability to test payloads up to approximately 40 pounds and altitudes up to 3000 feet. 

The system provides persistent 24/7 EO/IR surveillance payloads, long range communications C3 relays, PNT Pseudolite Payloads, and features Electronic Intelligence, Signal Intelligence, Communication Intelligence payloads.

The LAS is trailer mounted it can be brought to any selected location.