iHLS on Full-Fledged Activity in Time of Emergency

iHLS on Full-Fledged Activity in Time of Emergency

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iHLS Continues to Advance Startups in its Accelerators – Online

iHLS has been accelerating the advancement of the ground-breaking startups in its Security Accelerator, and the INNOFENSE Innovation Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense. The goal: Growing the projects and opening new opportunities for them, even during the coronavirus crisis.

The accelerators continue with all their activities online, thanks to Zoom application. iHLS has been organizing for them online meetings with the leading officials in the Israel Ministry of Defense, DDR&D (MAF’AT), IAI, Elbit, Israel Police, SIBAT – the International Defense Cooperation Directorate of the IMoD, and many other organizations, in accordance with the specific field of each project.

Meital Keren Ben-Dov, COO and Partner, iHLS: “Regardless of the situation, we keep on working and advancing the innovative startups of the Security Accelerator and the INNOFENSE Innovation Center vis a vis a wide range of projects and security agencies. In a time of crisis, we undertake full-fledged efforts to help the IMoD detect innovative startups and ground-breaking technologies for coping with the coronavirus pandemic as well as with other challenges.”

The Accelerator and the Innovation Center continue to provide the startups with platforms for technological growth through marketing and business mentoring by leading experts. Among others, Tal Catran, the Director of the Security Accelerator, an accelerator and innovation expert, shares with the entrepreneurs his extensive knowledge and experience through mentoring and presentations. Avi Yariv, a cyber, intelligence, and HLS expert, and one of the founders of iHLS, consults the startups on international marketing.  

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