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Israel is a leading player in the Homeland Security arena, with field capabilities and experience. Leading Israeli companies are involved in many of the most exclusive and ambitious security projects worldwide. Israel’s cutting-edge technology, based on extensive operational know-how, that is both effective and efficient for the operational user.

To Video Analytics Conference 2018

In today’s security world, one of the most effective key media is video. From its instinctive role in the security arena as a verification tool for alerts generated by other sensors, video capabilities now provides a wide range of detection and identification capabilities, based on analysis of the video content.

Capturing and extrapolating video meta-data in an automatic way, enables breaking the glass-ceiling of “user/cameras” ratio, making small effective control centers achievable. Indexed and well-extrapolated video content, enables effective fusion of the visual with all other types of data (text, CDRs, ANPR, DBs, etc.) in order to get better situational awareness and intelligence alerts.


  • Infrastructure – Passive, Active, Intelligent
  • Computing and Storage – Distributed and Centralized
  • 3D video – trends (MVC, 3D-VMD) – RoadMap ?
  • Face and Gesture Analysis
  • Video Analytics and “Wisdom of the Crowd”
  • Anomaly Detection in Crowded Scenes
  • Weighted Symbolic Analysis of Human Behavior for Event Detection
  • Advanced Video Compression Methods
  • Video Forensics
  • Video Indexing, Synopsis and Integration
  • Data Mining, searching in “Big Data” – video archive
  • Video protection – cyber attract , Reliability of video (Water Marking, Anomaly, video deep inspection)

Target Audience

This conference will serve as a venue for industries ,academic researchers, algorithm experts and engineers, product managers, and system managers from companies in various segments of the industry to gain exposure, exchange ideas and foster collaboration.

  • Defense industries
  • Technological leaders, CTOs and CEOs and VP R&D
  • Technological divisions in the IDF and MOD
  • Israel and International end-users and stake holders
  • Consulting and change management companies
  • System Integrators
  • IT Infrastructure vendors
  • IT Infrastructure integrators
  • Network Infrastructure providers
  • ISV (Independent Software Providers)

Technological leaders, CTOs and CEOs , Researchers – you can send proposals to [email protected]

For more details, Ofer Moldovan

Mail: [email protected] | 972-52-9500007 TEL

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