secure communication

The Secure Communication of the Future City

Today, mathematical algorithms are used to encrypt text messages, banking transactions and health information. Intercepting these encrypted messages requires figuring out the exact algorithm...
satellite communication

Satellite Communications to Prevent Misunderstandings in Syria

Russian forces in Syria have built up a network of satellite communication stations to make up for communications links lost during the war. Speaking...

Shrinked Telescope to Revolutionize UAV-Mounted Space Missions

Optical sensors mounted on UAVs and drones can serve a vast array of space missions. However, their size and weight sometimes hinder the use...

An iHLS Startup: Reviving Maps for Safe Cities

In recent years, we've been witnessing more and more security officials that have been trying to find more efficient methods to map the field,...
gps technology

An iHLS Startup: Securing Your GPS

A rising number of vital systems in our lives rely on GPS technology – whether it’s police units, airports or even private car navigation...
small satellites

Small Satellites – Dealing Effectively With Missile Threat

Years before North Korea fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile, the Pentagon and intelligence experts had sounded a warning: The North was making progress...
wideband communication

Large Security Firm will Examine SATCOM Resilience

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, a leading National Security Solutions provider, has recently announced that the U.S. Government awarded its subsidiary RT Logic an...

New Dual-Use Satellite on Air

A new dual-use telecommunications satellite has entered operations. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has started operating the defence and strategic communications geostationary satellite (SGCD)....

Would Geo-Fencing Tech Stop Terrorist Vehicle Attacks?

Geo-fencing technologies that use the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries have various applications. Now they are...
US Air Force

What Is the US Air Force Trying to Achieve?

The secretive US Air Force Boeing X-37B orbital unmanned spacecraft has recently landed at the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility following an extended...
satellite communication

New Satellite Communication System for Dismounted Units

A new lightweight, multi-frequency, mobile satellite communication terminal was unveiled, designed for dismounted units who are unable to maintain line-of-sight connectivity. Built from composite...
ballistic missiles

Egozi: Foreign Sources – Israel Further Develops its Ballistic Missiles

By ARIE EGOZI According to foreign sources, Israel has been further developing its ballistic missiles. The evidence of the recent effort could have been seen...
radiation tolerance

Electronics in Space – New Radiation Tolerance Technology

A new radiation tolerance technology has been developed for military space operations. BAE Systems is working to improve the technical reliability of space and...

Satellite-on-the-Move Capabilities – to Israel’s Defense Ministry

Satellite-on-the-move (SOTM) systems can supply commanders and decision makers at the battlefield with enhanced situational awareness in real-time.   Elbit Systems’ SOTM systems from the...
reconnaissance satellite

Apparently, Even The Sky Isn’t The Limit

SpaceX took on a bold new challenge recently, launching a “classified spacecraft payload” for the United States’ National Reconnaissance Office for the first time. The...
defense capabilities

South Korea Upgrading its Defense Capabilities

South Korea has been upgrading its defense capabilities in several fields. Seoul is reserving $218 million from its revised mid-term defense plan on cybersecurity...
sensor data

Sensor Data and Awareness in Space

A growing number of satellite system owners and operators need new capabilities to protect their assets and missions in space. To address this need,...
GPS control system

Innovation in US Air Force’s GPS Control System

U.S. Air Force Global Positioning System Next-Generation Operational Control System, known as GPS OCX, has been progressing. Developed by Raytheon under contract to the...
space launch services

US Air Force – Contract in the Space Launch Services Field

A development in the field of space launch services. SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) has been awarded a $96.5 million contract with the U.S. Air...

New Russian UAV Spotted by Satellite

The first image of a new Russian reconnaissance drone was apparently captured by a satellite. The picture was taken at the Gromov Flight Research...
cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity Services to Air Force Satellite Imagery Project

  An IT technology company will provide cybersecurity services to the US Air Force’s Eagle Vision, the only worldwide deployable ground station in the Department...

Nano-Satellites Getting Closer to Take-Off

Enhancing situational awareness is a vital mission also in space. The US Department of Defense's Strategic Command Joint Space Operations Center got Sky and...