International Cyber Deal Won by Rafael

International Cyber Deal Won by Rafael

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Managing sensitive financial information and combating cyber threats are imperative for the safety and continuity of financial institutions. One of the major components of cybersecruity strategy is the establishment of SOCs – Security Operations Centers.

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems was selected to plan and implement a financial sector SOC for the Dominican Republic’s Central Bank.

 As part of the contract, RAFAEL will provide the technology, methodology and implementation of a sectorial SOC, as required by the recently published Dominican Republic Cyber Law for the financial sector.

According to the company’s announcement, the financial SOC will provide a cyber situational posture of the financial sector including all financial and supporting entities in the country. The SOC will collect and distribute cyber threat intelligence, provide Incident Response and Forensic capabilities for the sector. During the project, an operational methodology will be provided to address all the financial sector needs, including cyber information sharing and fraud. 

The financial SOC in the Dominican Republic will be the first of its kind in central America and unique in providing a holistic posture of the cyber health of the entire financial sector and supporting entities in the country. 

RAFAEL’s track record in the cyber realm includes, several national level projects,  including the delivery of a cyber defense solution for the Bank of Israel Credit Rating Registrar, National CERT for the Israeli National Cyber Security directorate, a unique OT/IT SOC for the Israeli railway and a CERT integrated with several SOC’s for the Argentinean MOD as an infrastructure for hosting the G20 summit in 2018.

According to Michael Arov, Cyber Technology – Product-Line Manager at RAFAEL, “the company’s cybernetic qualitative edge is derived from a combination of experience and technology, but most of all from Rafael’s interdisciplinary and integrative capabilities. RAFAEL provides a holistic, end-to-end cyber defense suite, tailored to the customers’ needs, for protecting against advanced cyber threats, starting from site survey, risk and vulnerability assessment, through defense architecture to get a tailor-made solution, up to training and support.”

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