Covert Mass Screening Technology Empowers Security Teams

Covert Mass Screening Technology Empowers Security Teams

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Screening large, populated, and vulnerable areas has always been a challenge for law enforcement and security teams. Where once the zenith of screening technology was security checkpoints, metal detectors, and maybe an X-ray scanner that would require hundreds or even thousands of people to go through one by one, companies like the Cypriot Apstec or the Canadian Patriot One Technologies are working to revolutionize public screening to make it quick, convenient, and thorough. 

Similar to the Apstec’s Human Security Radar, Patriot One’s PATSCAN solution is all about public safety and threat detection. The solution allows for people to go on with their day without having to go through a security checkpoint, being pat down, or being questioned. The PATSCAN system could be covert and unnoticable, allowing people to pass by without even knowing that they are currently being scanned. 

The system can pick up weapons, whether they are concealed or not, and it generates an alarm. The system’s powered by AI and machine learning to recognize weapons and explosives.

“Unfortunately security are having to respond to an attack in progress,” said Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One in an interview to “The idea about being able to do this covert detection is to be preemptive and to prevent attacks from happening.”

The CEO has further mentioned that the system empowers human operators and security teams with useful information regarding potential threats. For example, if the system were to pick up that someone has walked into a shopping mall in Texas with a weapon, it would send an alert to a human operator regarding the situation. Considering this is Texas, it is very likely that the person with the weapon is a law abiding system with a concealed carry license, however if that person were to act suspicious security teams may then respond. So the PATSCAN arms security teams with the ability to make good decisions based on good information.

The system is capable of detecting all types of guns, from long barreled weapons to pistols. Furthermore the system is capable of detecting bladed weapons and unusually high quantities of metal, potentially indicating an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

Patriot One is aware that western societies hold privacy in high regards and don’t want to live in a mass surveillance state. Therefore, the system doesn’t gather or store any personal information, body images, or any other form of data. So the system shows no interest in people walking through unless a potential threat is detected on them.

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