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Toplite_StalkerAnti terror units show great interest in the SpotLite fire detection system made by Rafael.Snipers are still a very big problem to infantry soldiers but also for anti terror units that have to cope with high powered weapons operated from confined areas.

Rafael has developed a system that helps infantry soldiers to locate snipers. The exposure of this system in some recent military shows has resulted in a great interest from anti terror units.

The SpotLite-P is an electro-optical system for detecting, locating, investigating and neutralizing small-arms fire sources. The system has been designed originally for the platoon, company and battalion level, for patrol and reconnaissance units as well as for sniper forces, for stationary situations and for combat on the move.

The system was originally built in cooperation with an “operational client” in order to facilitate combatants to deal with enemy spotting and efficient and agile management of own forces fire with the aim of attaining fast neutralization of target without causing collateral damage.

The system enables the spotting of fire sources with a high level of precision, investigating them and relaying these targets to sniper forces or other shooters in order to swiftly and efficiently close the sensor-to-shooter circuit, all within the low tactical level. The SpotLite-P is small in size and weight, consumes very little  power and may be carried by two soldiers

The Electro-optical Unit ( EOU ) includes a FLIR camera (Field of view: 48 x 24), a CCD camera with continuous zoom, LASER range finder, LASER pointer, GPS, light tripod, PTU ( pan and tilt unit ) and a data processing unit. The unit enables: According to Rafael the systems is capable of spotting fire sources at 1000 meters and above , with High probability of detection and low level of false alarms.

The system is capable of spotting and recording  a large number of targets shooting simultaneously. The Operator / Commander Unit includes a computer and a display especially designed to suit the “operational client’s” needs in a user-friendly manner, which enables: Mission planning by defining in advance the following parameters: Sector limits between snipers. In the event of detecting a fire source, the system will automatically assign the target to the sniper responsible for the sector where the fire source is detected and not to other snipers.

Rafael claims that the system is capable of isolating irrelevant areas – Enables focusing on the specific mission only (quarter, street, house, window) and ignoring other shooting incidents that are out of the marked boundaries. The SoptLite-P enabales advance planning for scanning suspicious points. The system will scan a suspected point and move to the next point automatically, in a precise manner and at the time preset by the commander.

It is expected that the latest version of the system will be demonstrated in the coming months to commanders of some anti terror units. Rafael refrained from commenting on the ongoing evaluation.