Counter-UAV Solution Will Protect Critical Installations

Counter UAV solution titan

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The United States Air Force has recently awarded a counter-UAV technology manufacturer a $1.5 million contract to deliver anti-UAV technology to keep soldiers, assets, and critical infrastructure safe from UAV and drone threats.

The United States Air Force will utilize Citadel Defense’s anti-UAV technology, Titan, to provide airspace awareness and protection for critical installations. Titan provides confidence and readiness against potential drone and UAV threats as a way to protect national security.

“Weaponized drones are being employed on the modern battlefield by adversaries,” said Citadel’s CEO, Christopher Williams. “The need for effective and reliable counter drone technology is critical today”.

Citadel’s Titan utilizes targeted electronic countermeasures and artificial intelligence to detect, identify, and neutralize unidentified drones, as mentioned by This allows Titan to combat potentially threatening drones while minimizing interference with friendly communications. 

It takes about 3 minutes to set up Titan. Once online, Titan creates a three kilometer bubble of protection from hostile UAVs and drones.

Citadel’s CEO further mentions that Titan benefits a plethora of Americans, from the soldiers on the front line and all the way to the taxpayer due to Citadel’s “cost efficient, operationally effective, and scalable counter-UAS solution.”