Israeli Firm Unveils New “Smart Scope” Technology

smart scope

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A new next-generation digital rifle sight has been recently unveiled by an Israeli company. The sight is designed to work more like a smartphone than a high-tech rifle scope.

An Israeli subsidiary of Sensight revealed its new smart scope. The smart scope is a very sophisticated system, but if you can work with a smartphone then you can work with the scope.

The scope features a wide view screen with touch screen operations and a zoom capability of 1.3x-20x. By simply swiping your finger, you can toggle between 3x, 5x, 8x,12x, 16x, and 20x zoom. It is also equipped with dual cameras that operate at 1080p at 60 frames per second and can record and stream to Android and IOS systems.

You can even adjust your reticle. You can choose through a selection of different reticle colors and shapes to personalize your shooting experience.

Asides from customizations, the smart scope also has a ballistic calculator, 3D gyroscope, and GPS.

The scope is also suitable for any lighting situation, with the “low-light mode” giving the shooter an extra 25 minutes of shooting time around sunset. In full darkness, you can replace the infrared filter with an illuminator so you can see in total darkness.

The scope has a battery life of about eight hours, but it is also possible to equip an external battery that attaches to the scope for an extra 12 hours of operation.

As of now, the sights will be adjusted towards a handful of calibers and is expected to cost about $1,000. As operational as the new scope may be, there are currently no plans to market its use for the military. reports that Sensight is targeting the scope towards recreational shooters, in an attempt to allow hunters and target shooters enjoy their shooting experience more.