Self-Driving Cars to Get Quantum Encryption

quantum encryption

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In the ‘hyper-connected’ 5G communications networks era, the issue of “network security” becomes critical. A quantum-safe technology can encrypt transmitted data using special quantum keys, which prevent interception or theft. The technology is now applied to secure self-driving cars. The technology will alert the driver and any connected monitoring center of hacking.

The largest mobile operator in South Korea, SK Telecom, is about to launch its Quantum Security Gateway solution aimed at preventing hacking in self-driving cars. The solution is an integrated security device that will be installed inside cars and protect various electronic units and networks in the vehicle.

Co-developed with controller maker GINT, the gateway will monitor various devices for Vehicle-2-Everything (V2X), Bluetooth, radar, smart keys, and driver assistance systems.

The gateway transfers a quantum random number generator and quantum key along with the data that will “fundamentally prevent hacking”, SK Telecom said.

In February 2018, SK Telecom has acquired Switzerland-based ID Quantique, which provides quantum-safe cryptography solutions, according to The company said at the time that the move was to ensure security in the 5G era.

The quantum technology research lab was established by SK Telecom in 2011 and first applied the technology in a South Korean LTE network in 2016.

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