Simba secure communications for anti terror units

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17815104_sAs part of its tactical 4th Generation (TAC4G) on-the-move LTE network, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled a new secure communication smart phone that can be used by anti terror forces.

The TAC4G military broadband cellular network, developed by ELTA Systems Ltd., IAI’s subsidiary and group, is a secure, and threat-immune, on-the-move multimedia military network that presents sensors and human intelligence in the battlefield on a single, accessible and easy to use hand-held unit. The new ruggedized device is capable of voice, video and cellular data exchange over the selected cellular network and will be demonstrated to selected customers in the coming months.

IAI was the first company to operate an independent cellular LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in Israel during the evaluation and field trials of the system last year. The LTE network is an advanced standard for wireless data communications technology. An evolution of the GSM/UMTS standards, LTE increases the capacity and speed of wireless data networks using new DSP (digital signal processing) techniques.

The experience gained during the evaluation and field trials enabled IAI to create a unique solution in which secure encrypted data is transmitted by the hand-held unit through a dedicated ELTA 4G network or through existing conventional commercial 3G or 4G infrastructures. This solution allows for continuous, uninterrupted data streaming even while switching from a dedicated military network to a civilian network and vice-versa, allowing for a more robust and damage-tolerant network.

“The TAC 4G LTE on-the-move network, enhanced with the new addition of the “Simba” smart phone is an innovation breakthrough that combines everyday commercial-use solutions to create a secure, powerful and omnipresent information exchange system for the ground forces,” said IAI. “We are proud and delighted to be the driving force for this concept, and we look forward to the coming demonstrations of the “Simba” smart phone and TAC4G network.”