Congratulations to iHLS LaunchFollowing are excerpts from the letters we received from some of our supporters:

Israel Livnat, CEO, Anteo wrote:

I’d like to congratulate the new i-HLS internet site team, Homeland Security is a rapid growing business worldwide, where Israel companies play a major role. Anteo is focusing on providing situational awareness management solutions to safe cities, critical facilities and smart transportation hubs, and sees great potential in cooperating with the new activity.

Tomer Avnon, CEO of ISDEF wrote:

behalf of everyone here at ISDEF, I would like to sincerely congratulate Guy Keren and Meital Ben-Dov on their new business venture in establishing i-HLS.

Both Guy and Meital have paved the way for similar organizations and have been the core of any conference organization and media publication that they have previously been associated with.

The knowledge, experience, work ethic and commitment which you personally convey is highly reflected in your work and will only contribute to the future and success of i-HLS. We look forward to working with you and many congratulations.

Omer Laviv, CEO of Athena GS3 Security Implementations added:

I’d like to congratulate you on the new i-HLS internet site team. Homeland Security is a rapidly growing business worldwide, and Israel companies can, and should, play a major role. Athena GS3 of the MER Group, as a leader in the HLS Intelligence and Security Projects and Services domain,  sees great potential in cooperating with this new activity.

Alvarion also endorsed our initiative:

“Alvarion is proud to indorse this new venture and wishes many years of success and prosperity”.

Magal Security Systems also endorsed our initiative:

“Magal welcomes the initiative and entrepreneurship in establishing the new HLS website. i-HLS is positioning itself as an information hub and for many stakeholders, helping the entire Israeli industry to leverage its comparative advantage in this market.

The Israeli security industry, and likewise Magal Security Systems, can offer many years of experience and professionalism to clients all over the world; Magal is now expanding its offering to integrated solution of physical and cyber protection. Good luck!”

Thank you for your support, as we embark on this exciting and challenging adventure!

Arie Egozi

Editor in Cheif