Mini-UAS Training & Simulation Center for Finnish Defense Forces (FDF)

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Images of Orbiter Platform - image on the right from the simulation system
Images of Orbiter Platform – image on the right from the simulation system

Simlat Ltd., an Israeli Company, has been awarded a contract to deliver its UAS Training and Simulation systems to FDF as part of Mini-UAS contract awarded to Aeronautics Ltd.

 The Israeli company was selected to provide a UAS Training Center including its high fidelity UAS training systems to the FDF, as part of the FDF Mini UAS program.

 The simulation center will support of the new Orbiter Mini UAS fleet which was selected by the FDF last summer as its future UAS. The program includes the manufacturing and delivery of Orbiter Mini UAS, as well as the development of independent operational, training and maintenance capability.

The Training and Simulation Center will include advanced simulator stations deployed in Finland as well as a 3D modeling and scenario creating capability, which will enable the FDF to autonomously develop its training program and to train its new and experienced operators and instructors. The simulation will provide a high-fidelity realistic environment for Orbiter operator trainees for initial and currency training as well as mission rehearsal.

Orbiter Mini UAS, developed and manufactured by Aeronautics Ltd. is a high end Mini UAS designed for long endurance and range missions. It is equipped with an advanced electrooptical payload, and with a fully digital data-link system. Having outstanding resistance to extreme weather conditions, the Orbiter MUAS may be operated in snow and rain as well as in maritime missions.

 Nira Streifler, Product Manager from Simlat, says: “We are glad to be a part of this program and provide our core UAS simulation products that adhere to the demanding requirements of the customer including platform, payload and weather and environment simulation”.