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As the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks continuously increase, governments and critical infrastructure providers face significant challenges. A cyber security solution designed for customers with large security operations center was launched recently by Verint Systems Inc.

The company, specializing in security and intelligence data mining software, developed the latest version of its turnkey Intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) solution, powered by Verint’s comprehensive data mining capabilities and intelligence methodologies.

The new iSOC automates data collection and analysis for the security analysts and accelerates time from threat detection to response enabling the operations center to more effectively address complex cyber-attacks.

According to the company’s announcement, iSOC delivers a unified view, holistic monitoring, and consistent security management with coordinated and comprehensive incident response.

The “virtual analyst” technology and machine learning capabilities automate processes of inspecting alerts and recommending “next best action” to security analysts. The automated iSOC also ensures faster onboarding of security analysts and better teamwork through visual incident management.

iSOC can be integrated with a variety of threat intelligence sources including Verint’s Web Intelligence solution that gathers intelligence from dark web and social media sources, providing visibility into external cyber threats, threat actors, malicious campaigns, and evidences of breaches and data leaks.