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We at iHLS would like to wish you all a happy new year – the devoted readers of our website, the diverse community of homeland security in Israel and abroad, the technology and innovation experts, the start-ups and the businessmen and investors who help turn ideas into action.

At the beginning of the week, we held our fifth AUS&R Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference and Exhibition. The hard work we’ve put in organizing the conference, exhibition and live demonstrations has truly shown results and commendations from Israel and the world are still streaming in.

Another successful and active year, productive and full of innovations, changes and a variety of events. We have succeeded in meeting our objectives, and we are already preparing surprising plans for the next year.

We will continue to supply you with up-to-date and interesting information via our website. In the forthcoming year we will continue with our mission: to supply you with quality content, business networking and professional events regarding issues that are the most relevant to our field.

Shana Tova!