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Vietnam and Israel have been tightening their security cooperation. The president of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Dai Quang, said Israel has become a big partner of Vietnam in the defense field and stressed the important role companies and groups in the defense and technology sectors are playing in both countries. The president was speaking at a reception held for the chairman of the board of IMI Systems Ltd, Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovitch, in Hanoi. “Vietnam and Israel should further promote their cooperation in research & development and technology transfer,” the president added that

According to IMI Systems’ announcement, the Chairman of IMI Systems updated the president on some projects, where IMI system invested in Vietnam since 1999 and expressed his hope that both countries will work on streamlining the mutual collaboration and high technology knowledge transfer. Aharonovitch stressed that the advanced weapons systems developed and manufactured by IMI Systems correspond to the advanced technology used by the Vietnam army.

President Quang noted that the cooperation between the two countries is consistently growing, especially in the areas of security and defense, including the transfer of technical knowledge. He expressed the hope that relations will be further promoted, especially in training quality personnel in the field of technology.

In 2014, Vietnam acquired the Orbiter-2 unmanned air systems (UAS) to be used as an aerial forward observation unit for its artillery corps, according to local press reports in Vietnam. The Orbiter-2 mini UAS is manufactured by Aeronautics in Israel. Experts said that the Orbiter-2 can supply the artillery units the coordinates of more than one target from 2000 feet.

The Orbiter- 2B has the unique capability of navigating independently, enabling completion of the mission even if the GPS is jammed or there is no communication. The automatic warning system, which sends alerts regarding any deviation from the mission definitions, gives the operator high-level monitoring and control capabilities that ensure mission success. The UAS also provides interfaced payloads with unique intelligence capabilities and high-level information processing.