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In Israel acting without thinking has been reaching a new climax. It seems that the Turkish Parliament will soon confirm the conciliation agreement with Israel.

Since the coup attempt, Turkish officials have been reiterating in talks with their Israeli counterparts that the implementation of the conciliation agreement will contuinue as planned. However, the discussion and voting about the subject at the Turkish parliament have been already postponed several times.

It will only be after the completion of this part of the agreement that the normalization of relations would start. The two states will appoint new ambassadors in Ankara and in Tel Aviv, raise the level of the diplomatic relations and cancel the mutual sanctions. Prime Minister Netanyahu has already decided to appoint a professional diplomat as the ambassador in Ankara. Some of the leading figures in the Foreign Ministry applied for the role but the discussion at the appointment committee was postponed for several times, awaiting for the voting at the Turkish Parliament, among other reasons.

But as said, in Israel fast draws are the standard, and I can already hear voices in favor of the renewal of the defense contracts with Turkey.

Some figures at the defense systems were responsible enough to warn against any haste regarding this issue. They justifiably contended that the normalization of relations should be tested against the new reality in Turkey, and that there is no point in hastingly selling weapons to this country again, as Israel did before the severing of relations as result of the Marmara flotilla.

Will reason prevail this time? I hope so.


Another example to the fast draw approach. While the Chief of Staff has been on his way back from a very successful visit to the US, and while negotiations on the US military assistance agreement for the next decade were reaching a critical stage, the Defense Ministry issued this strange announcement linking the nuclear agreement with Iran to the Munich pact.

The Defense Ministry’s bizarre announcement came as response to US President Obama’s comment, saying even Israel has acknowledged that the nuclear deal  improved the security situation in the Middle East.

The Defense Ministry announcement, and not the Prime Minister (I wonder why), claimed that the nuclear deal with Iran was comparable to the Munich pact before world war II, and that the deal with Iran will be acknowledged as a mistake just as in the case of the pact with Hitler. Later in the evening Netanyahu issued an announcement in attempt to soften the Defense Ministry tone.

Once again, the right hand is not coordinated with the left hand. It is actually even worse, the right hand doesn’t know that the left one actually exists, or any other expression just to describe the stupidity.

First they cause damage, and later – they apologize.


Prime Minister’s Netanyahu’s attempts to postpone the publishing of the State Comptroller report regarding the tunnels from Gaza into Israel failure are merely pathetic and do not honor the state, that claims that it has been learning lessons.

The tunnels failure was clear to any sergeant soldier who had served in the Gaza district before operation Protective Edge. The attempt to blur the failure by postponing the report has been pathetic.

The State Comptroller was right in announcing that any attempt to disrupt the publishing of a real, comprehensive report would bring about a demand for a state investigation committee.

There are failures that can’t be hidden even when the government is led by a person who does not want that the public would be aware to the “serious” planning of the Gaza operation.

It seems that  these efforts are going to fail this time, and we will all know the extent of the fiasco.

Arie Egozi i-HLS Editor-in-Chief
Arie Egozi
i-HLS Editor-in-Chief