Egozi’s Fury – Radical Islam Murder Spree

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The world has a strange, annoying, and dangerous psychological barrier. The world – meaning mostly the US and Europe – did not realize it is in the midst of World War III.

This time it isn’t rows of tanks or heavy bombers, this time it’s sophisticated terrorism more dangerous than any military force ever taking part in any of the big wars. Facing this terrorism, the world freezes and stutters and doesn’t know what to do.

It all starts with intelligence. The Orlando terrorist was under FBI surveillance but the colander had holes much too large – or in fact just one big hole.

This pattern is repeating itself – intelligence bodies suspect, but that is where it ends.

Any rookie Israeli counter-terrorism expert will tell you that the world hasn’t finished the first grade when it comes to World War III.

There are plenty of reasons for this misunderstanding: Keeping civil rights intact is the very first. The world thinks that it is better to suffer terror attacks than hurting so-called civil rights. There is no greater idiocy.

People are killed and injured, terror organizations are being established, and in Europe they are toying around with what loser politicians call keeping civil rights intact.

President Obama’s evasiveness when it comes to putting the blame for the Orlando massacre where it lies are the worst of it. The man who has all the best intelligence tools refuses to call it for what it is. So let us explain it to him: The US is packed with terror cells or lone wolves with motivation to commit acts of terrorism.

Every Israeli expert says that from talking with American colleagues, they know this as well.

So what happens? Nothing.

People are being brought in for a short investigation, and two weeks later they buy enough weapons for a troop of commandos and go on a killing spree.

If the situation doesn’t change fast – World War III will reach a monstrous size.

Islamic terrorism kills with no distinction. With support from countries like Iran, who received millions of dollars right after that ridiculous nuclear deal, the Islamic terrorism now has infinite resources.

So no one should be surprised if the future holds chemical and radioactive materials wrapped in a “dirty bomb”.

And the world shows no signs of waking up from this idiotic misunderstanding of the situation.

Israeli intelligence sources estimate that Europe holds dozens of active radical Islamic terror cells. Experts say that the next big attack is only a matter of time.

This war may needs mostly intelligence, but preventing these cells from evolving requires firepower, and lots of it.

What’s being done today, experts say, is a bad joke – only for show.

So we’re in the middle of a world war and leading countries are living out some romantic idea of flashes of small-scale violence. But reality is a worldwide murder spree by Radical Islam.

If the world doesn’t get its act together soon, results will be dire. If it doesn’t get its act together, things might become irreversible.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief