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The Islamic Republic of Iran is setting out to develop an integrated cyber-attack warning system, reports Tasnim News Agency.

Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, told a TV talk show audience of plans to develop a nationwide alert system to alert the country’s defence and security organisations in the event of a cyber attack on the nation’s digital infrastructure and resources.

Jalali’s comments come in the wake of a wave of cyber attacks on Iranian websites in recent weeks, and he expressed hope that such a system could be developed quickly to ensure protection against future attacks.

In early June, a number of website belonging to Iran’s Foreign Ministry were hacked into to be replaced by images of Saudi kings. The group behind the attacks is likely to have been employed by the Islamic Republic’s bitter rival, the Saudi Kingdom.

An investigation into the incident concluded that the attackers were most likely not direct government employees, but “had been seemingly paid for by the Riyadh regime to hack into the Iranian websites,” Tasnim writes.

Prior to this incident there was an attack on the Statistics Centre of Iran on May 24. Iranian Cyber Police officers announced that the attack has been traced to IP addresses in three countries, including Saudi Arabia.

A report has been submitted to Saudi Arabia via the Interpol which included the IP addresses and locations of the hackers in order for the Arabian Kingdom to take action against the criminals, the Cyber Police also said in the statement.