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Hamas in Gaza is preparing a new war. It seems the IDF has realized the mistakes made during operating Protective Edge and means this time to give this terror organization what it deserves.

A senior officer in the IDF said last week in an official statement that a resolution against Hamas in Gaza will be won by offense rather than defense, that we should initiate and not be dragged along, not follow in the enemy’s footsteps. We need to be more surprising, and more forceful. Also, the airstrike will be more substantial and more effective. Not just random fire. The plan will allow different options from a deterring blow to full occupation of the Gaza strip.

“The plan can evolve in the most radical directions and could give a hard blow to the organization’s military arm.” Brave and smart words based on the not-so-far past mistakes.

This is exactly what should have happened last time. The question is whether the Israeli government, unable to even decide what day it is, will give the military the freedom to operate properly against a terror organization such as Hamas.

Israel has the ability to subdue Hamas with virtually no ground operations. What is lacks is governmental strength. A dysfunctional government cannot operate such force.


The matter of the soldier shooting the terrorist lying on the ground is still in legal debate, and only there will it be determined. But what happened in the background is crazy. I’m not talking about the predictable responses from both left and right, but mostly about the fact that every debate in the military courts has become a media festival.

I don’t think there is any other country in the world where military courts are accessible to everyone during debates. Audience within, demonstrations without.

What is this? Since when is a legal debate in a military court a mass event? But here even in this field everything is allowed, everything is in access, everything is backwards.


The dealings with Washington over the military aid for the next decade continues. There is a long debate on whether Israel can pass this aid which puts many restrictions on it.

But one thing is certain for now – the US, who has misread the map of the Middle East and has made in it every possible mistake, must understand the Israel is a battlefront for keeping its interests in the Middle East, and there are still many of those, even with Obama claiming they are not the policeman of the world.

So when the US is giving Israel military aid, it should see it as part of its direct interests rather than a favour it is giving an ally.

The Americans have lost almost all influence over proceedings in the Middle East. It happened in Libya, it happened in Iraq, and it is happening right now in Syria.

So every dollar the US gives to Israel to equip itself with advanced weapons systems is in fact part of its own defense budget.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief