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On politicians with great ambitions and zero knowledge:

Bernie Sanders celebrated last week his triumph over Hillary Clinton in the state of Wisconsin. The celebration on a sour note when an interview he did with the New-York Daily News was published, in which he gave answers which raised questions regarding his readiness and ability to be the president of the United States. In the interview the Jewish democratic candidate referred to Israel’s policy and got facts wrong when he claimed that it killed over 10,000 innocent Palestinians in Gaza during operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

When asked whether he supports the Palestinian attempt to use the international court to establish that Israel has committed war crimes, Sanders replied No. When asked to explain his answer, Sanders said: “Look, why don’t I support a million things in the world? I’m just telling you that I happen to believe…anybody help me out here, because I don’t remember the figures, but my recollection is over 10,000 innocent people were killed in Gaza. Does that sound right?”

So such a man wants to be the president of the United States. A man who can’t tell facts apart from fiction. This whole business in the US has turned into a bad farce on any scale.


ISIS is suffering some losses, but goes to any means in his actions. The world sees this, keeps quiet, and continues to send to fighter gets to “tickle” the heads of the organization.

Media in Syria reported last week that the Islamic State has used mustard gas during an attack on a military airport in the eastern region of Deir Ezzor. It was not mentioned how many people were injured as a result of the attack, which is in an area controlled by ISIS. Reuters news agency could not confirm the details.

The world is stupid, the world is paying and so far it’s still on tab. The big payments will come eventually.


The Iranian regime should receive an international award for directing such a clever fiction movie.

The president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, said over the weekend that his country is not a threat to any other country and that Tehran is interested in forming connections with the rest of the world. This goes directly against statements claimed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who ruled out any additional bonds with the United States ever since achieving the nuclear deals with the Western powers.

Many experts, who seem to be sleeping in the parking lots of TV stations in Israel, can say how in the past several months the disagreement between Rouhani’s government and Khamenei along with his radical allies, who are against the thaw in relations with the West – has grown deeper.

These supposed experts don’t seem to realize that this is all a show. There’s a good cop and bad cop and they are putting on an act. The West swallows this scam and ignores Tehran’s real purpose – supporting international terrorism everywhere and racing towards nuclear military capability.

It’s insulting to see some of the experts reciting the texts of the leaders of Tehran.Such acting, such directions, such sets. Such an audience of fools.


Almost every day we witness incidents in which Muslims attack police station and police cars in some states in Europe. They’re not scared, they know Europe is theirs.

European leaders have abandoned their countries to a wave of Islamic immigrants, some support terrorism. Even those who don’t are sure that the countries of Europe owe them.

How stupid can politicians be.

What will happen is that Europe will suffer a civil war between immigrants who don’t respect the countries who opened their gates for them and think that everything is theirs, and the rest of the population whose life is becoming intolerable.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief