Egozi’s Fury – No one is reading the map

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Had the world really wanted to destroy ISIS it would have done so long ago. But the world, or more particularly the US and some countries in Europe still think this is some war game to be won through war games. Well, it really isn’t how it’s done.

The prove – ISIS is attacking in Europe, but in Syria and Iraq it is in the defense. Almost a year after the Islamic State has conquered the important archeological city of Tadmor, it seems that Bashar Assad’s forces are on their way to conquer it back. This weekend it was reported that the Syrian military is already on the outskirts of town, although the battles have taken their toll on it, including the fall of the commander of the central region, Ali Ammar. At the same time, the Iraqi military has announced the beginning of the first step to free Ninveh county at the north of the country, its capital being the city of Mosul which was taken in the hands of ISIS, and claimed that it had already managed to take back several villages.

The Syrian regime, encouraged by its military accomplishments of late, has decided to start a campaign over the city of Tadmor at full force, and the day isn’t far when the city will be returned to its hands. The Syrian military estimated that the city will be released in a manner of hours, and even though this hasn’t happened yet, it’s not impossible that the conquering will be completed within days.

So when ground forces went into action, ISIS faced a problem. Airstrikes aren’t doing much. It only created anger against Europe and terror attacks in the continent’s countries. Brains is lacking in the so-called war between the “coalition” against ISIS.




It seems that all of the intelligence needed was in the hands of those entrusted with security in Belgium, but just like in former cases, it didn’t turn into actions.

The terrorists who carried out both suicide attacks were on the suspects’ list but they weren’t arrested.

Europe is still turning a blind eye. It’s surprising how in spite of the row of terrorists attacks in Paris and Brussels, they don’t seem to be changing the tune. Human rights are important but so is protecting human lives.

As long as Europe doesn’t have a central intelligence service, at least some of the attacks will not be prevented. As long as the intelligence doesn’t turn into action, it will be meaningless. And what do I mean by actions? If there is information about a specific area where suspected terrorists live, it must be put under curfew and search door to door for weapons and explosives.

According to intelligence, some European states have in them 400 ISIS followers preparing to attack.

The way that counter-terrorism activity is being run today – the failure is already clear.




Just like every other terror attack abroad, “security experts” are running along to any TV studio, national or local. Although all of them fancy a title of “former”, some of them really did hold senior jobs, but some – not so much.

What is common among them is giving advice. They usually talk based on information received from the media, on which they base their “plan for action”. If it wasn’t sad, it would be funny.