The Israeli Startups: Maximum Security in Minimum Effort

3D render of a bank vault

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While organizations spend tens of billions of dollars every year to protect themselves from cyber attacks, the disturbing truth is that in most cases, organizations leaking information is the result of “inside jobs” (whether deliberately or by mistake), and not as a result of classic outside penetration.

An IBM annual security survey for 2014 reveals that most of the cyber attacks that took place that year – 55% – were a result of sources inside the organizations that actively sought to hurt the company. The rest of security breaches – 45% – was a result of hackers using the innocence of company employees and business partners in order to get them to commit unintentional actions to damage security.

Even so, very few organizations are protecting information inside the organization, usually because the solutions offered on the market today are complicated, very expensive, force the organization to change the way it works and in fact hurt the organization’s day-to-day work, and eventually, the security they provide is only partial and relatively easy to bypass. Shieldox has turned the field of information security accessible, easy and simply to use by any organization (big or small), in a way that doesn’t affect their work.

SHIELDoX Logo 2The system operates in a transparent way, offering better security of existing information, even if it’s left the organization’s parameter.

Shieldox has a unique Documents in Motion technology which allows to identify all the documents in the organization while in motion or in rest and to track them, identify the connections between them, thus allowing control and content security in a way that was not possible until now, and to identify sensitive documents in the organization with greater accuracy and simplicity than ever before. Shieldox allows every organization a content security solution, directly from the cloud, in a manner of minutes, with no installations, adjustments, integration and instructions required in other products.

The company will present its technology at the CBS startup festival on March 17th. For more details click here.