How Do We Protect Communications Networks From Cyber Attacks?

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In the complex realm of modern information security, communications networks are becoming increasingly larger and much more complex than in the past, creating a large number of gaps in the organization’s protection. At the same time, cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated than ever before and are growing at a constant rate. CISOs need to concentrate all information on information security in a single place and get a clear visual image of the realm of attacks, the paths through which communications networks are exposed to threats, including potential attacks.

Skybox Security, a global leader in the field of information security analysis, has revealed during the RSA global cyber conference in San Francisco Skybox Horizon – a unique tool for managing information security, providing CISOs and security experts of organizations an unprecedented ability to see the realm of cyber attacks on the organization.

Combining Skybox Horizon with the analytics package Suite Skybox Security allows Horizon to use contextual information obtained by connecting and analyzing different sources of information to create a model which connects visually and interactively the network topology, its connections, the business units and the organization’s hierarchy. The tool displays indicators of exposure in the attack arenas themselves, such as elements in the network that are vulnerable to a direct attack, central places containing breaches, wrong configurations in the network security and dangerous access definitions in the firewall. Using Horizon, organizations can receive in-depth insights about the state of information security in the organization from the largest number of sources.

“One of the main challenges for CISOs is to get a full picture of weak points in the organization, in order to really understand their organization’s potential for exposure to attacks,” said Gidi Cohen, founder and CEO of Skybox. “Traditional methods usually fail – fragments of data are isolated inside different suppliers’ systems, and they provide brief flashes about the organization’s situation and not the whole picture. When CISOs have only partial information they cannot analyze data in its context, thus diminishing their ability to make fast decision about where to allocate expensive security resources to. We are changing this with Horizon.”

Horizon is scheduled to be released at the end of March.