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Another stabbing attack. This government, filled with “security experts”, cannot begin to understand how to handle this crazy situation we’re in.

Fear of what the world might say paralyzes even the few that really do understand matters of security and so every few days young terrorists come out with knives – murder and wound.

Israel’s “caricature” government is scared. No lockdown, no destruction of terrorists’ homes.

This ridiculous government only speaks eloquently. They don’t understand that even citizens who aren’t exactly involved with what goes on have already realized that this government is useless.

Terror should be dealt with force, with determination.

The Israeli government, however, is arguing over a casino in Eilat.

The tank of ammonia in Haifa’s bay, which Hassan Nasrallah called an “atomic bomb”, doesn’t bother them. Neither does the wave of terror. Our government is great at talking. In actions it is an embarrassingly useless body.


If Israel had the same number of casualties in terrorists’ attack as there are in car accidents, the country would be in an uproar. But car accidents are being taken for granted.

The government, the same helpless government which fails to deal with terrorism, fails to allocate relatively small sums to the police force with which the presence of traffic police officers could have been greatly increased on the roads.

I didn’t see the Minister of Interior raise hell, demanding to receive the necessary budget. And so the roads in Israel are under the control of the “road thugs” and drivers who does several more things while driving, with no one to stop them.

Again a weak government fails in its job to eliminate terrorism. It may be terrorism on the road but according to the numbers, it is just as bad as knives and improvised weapons.


The US is objecting to the plan to sell Russian fighter jets to Iran. An American protest. Another joke. The US can protest all it wants but under president Obama it has lost any real influence in the world.

No one can stop the flood of weapons expected to flow into Iran in the next few years. Many weapons industries around the world are being introduced to a huge market and they will surely exploit the opportunity.

The US is weak. North Korea doesn’t mind it. Iran is doing the same in its own smiling way. Even Europe is presenting a sad smile.

How did such a superpower turn into something so weak? That’s a question for researchers and historians to answer, but the weakness coming from Washington is changing world orders. Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen – and that’s only part of it. Even the strong will find it difficult to escape a situation forced on them by the weak.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief