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3D Printing has gone a long way. From regular desktop printers, which are smaller and less advanced – 3D printing technology can now use any number of materials, from metal such as stainless steel and aluminum, to polymers such as Ultem – a matieral which can resist great heat and pressure and is certified to use in aerospace industry and medical applications.

Ziv Sadeh spoke with I-HLS about the uses of this technology in security application and the creativity it offers, the limitless design, and the limiltess capabilities.

3D printing also offers production of personalised parts “much much faster”. You could actually just print a whole drone.

As Sadeh says: “You could have an idea in the morning and you could have the parts [made] on the same day.”

Whether to create whole UAVs or just to have a catapult throw cookies at David Jones, 3D printing technology really pushes the limits and bring us a step closer to tomorrow.