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SAR Sattelites are in big demand and many companies get contracts related to these advanced sattelites. Terma has been contracted by OHB System AG in Bremen, to supply power condition and distribution units for the SARah radar satellite reconnaissance system for the German federal armed forces. The SARah satellite constellation consists of three satellites of which OHB will deliver two. In 2019, SARah will replace a current constellation of five satellites – SAR-Lupe – which has been operational since 2008.

“With the recent secured contracts for power systems, Terma has positioned itself as a reliable and proven supplier of power systems for ESA missions as well as commercial missions. We have an impressive track record that includes missions like Rosetta, Mars Express, Venus Express, Galileo, XMM-Newton and Integral”, said Senior Vice President Carsten Jørgensen, head of the Terma Space Business Area.


Terma is a recognized provider of flight-proven power systems for deep space and Earth orbit missions. The unique system maximizes power utilization in satellite missions. The system scales to a power capacity of up to 3 kW and offers Autonomous Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), high power efficiency, and weight optimized solutions.

The MPPT function is designed with the latest state-of-the-art power technology to enhance reliability and power-to-weight performance, while utilizing high frequency switched-mode power conversion technology to minimize unit mass.

Future missions with Terma power systems onboard include BepiColombo, ExoMars, Euclid, Small GEO, and SARah.