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During a battle, there will always be wounded and dead, there is no way around that. But from a research conducted in the United States military it seems that throughout the years of fighting in Asghanistan, many lives could have been saved if only their injuries were detected and treated on time. To answer that pressing need, ThermoSiv has developed its WounDetect – a system to detect injuries and aid medical staff in better treatment of wounded soldiers. Brigadier General (ret.) David Agmon, who spoke in the Future Forces conference, has exapnded on the innovative system.

Agmon said that WounDetect “is a system worn by the soldier, made by two kinds of special threads that when woven together, become sort of electric opposites and can in fact function as sensors.” The electronic system detects changes in the fabric and can indicate to medical personnel the exact location of a soldier’s injury – thus preventing the unfortunate situation of a soldier being injured in a location hard to detect, making it hard for medics to even know an injury exists. The system can also charactarize the soldier and indicate their blood type with data inserted to the system beforehand, and through GPS can also find the exact location of the wounded soldier through coordinates.

The system’s capabilities could be of use in everyday lives, not only in battles. For example, with its high level of precision in locating the injury, it could aid snipers’ training so they wouldn’t have to run, during practice, hundreds of meters or more to mark hits on the target.

Agmon mentioned that the system will become fully operational in about a year.

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