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38591620_mAn Israeli Start-up company has found a solution to assist companies facing threats of cyber attacks into their databases and using the confidential data in them – data containing information of the company itself or of its clients.

The company – Illusive Networks – has developed an algorithm that attracts hackers into a sort of honey-trap that causes them to think they are actually stealing information. As the hackers believe they actually accessing the database, trying to differentiate the bad information from the good is the point where the hackers get stuck, thus allowing the company to detect and prevent breaking in the database before any damage was caused. The false information is flooded into the system only in case of a break-in, and so it causes no disturbance to the regular function of the system.

The algorithm focuses on the hackers’ weak point – a new point of view in trying to prevent cyber hackings, which are becoming more frequent in recent years and a constant threat to any company that keeps its information in a computerized network. The company, with this algorithm, is trying to thwart the attack in its first station, unlike most cyber security companies who focus on shielding the information systems in case of potential break-ins.

This solution can be used by commercial companies and banks worried about a cyber break-in and using confidential clients’ information concealed in their database.

The Israeli company has already established connections with companies in Israel and the U.S. – banks, insurance companies and medical companies – and plans on expanding itself to Europe, which will establish a large clientele who can try and protect themselves from cyber hackers in advance.